Our team would like to begin by saying thank-you for tuning in and supporting our online series Siem Reap TV.  We are proud to showcase our wonderful city, full of colorful characters, interesting stories, history and intrigue.

Lilly, Mitch, & Scott - Siem Reap TV Team
Lilly, Mitch, & Skot – Siem Reap TV Team

We believe that the best way to present Siem Reap and Cambodia to the world is done through a local perspective and personality. That is why our on-air host will always be an English speaking Cambodian.

As the show progresses, we hope to encourage and train more local people to be on-air personalities and work in front of the camera. We would also like to train locals in video-editing skills and techniques.

Behind the scenes we are a local and international team that call Siem Reap home. We believe this brings a broader dynamic to our group as we can work together to produce unique content from different angles and perspectives.

We hope you enjoy watching and please feel free to contact us.


Lilly – Host

Lilly has her own personal page on this site. Read more about Lilly here.

Mitch St.Pierre – Producer/Editor

Mitch & Lilly

Mitch’s first film aired nation wide on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

(CBC) and Current TV in the United States. Mitch has filmed in the most remote regions of the world, typically focusing on human rights issues.

Mitch has also been a strong advocate for conflict regions which is what inspired him to get involved in politics, allowing him opportunity to meet with prime ministers, presidents and many influential policy makers.


Skot Sanderson – Producer/Writer

A passionate traveler, Scott originates from

Scott - Siem Reap TV

Canada. He joined a team with Mitch to work on a film for a Canadian television broadcaster (CBC), that took him to Cambodia. During this time, Scott’s passion for the country and it’s people flourished.

Upon returning to Cambodia on a more permanent basis, Scott spent much of his time exploring the countryside and more remote areas of the country. Scott is the founder and operator of an adventure tour company based in Siem Reap called Sabai Adventures Cambodia.



Siem Reap TV would like to thank our partners for helping make this possible.

Sabai Adventures

Microlight Cambodia






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