Episode #1 – Lilly’s First Flight: A Microlight Adventure

Skot Sanderson, Mitch St.Pierre, Lilly Phy, Eddie Smith - Microlight Siem Reap TV
From the left, Skot Sanderson, Mitch St.Pierre, Lilly Phy, Eddie Smith –

Welcome to Siem Reap TV. We are proud to present our first episode Lilly’s First Flight: A Microlight Adventure. In this episode, we follow host Lilly as she sets out to experience her first time flying in an aircraft. But this isn’t any typical aircraft; she’s joining veteran pilot and longtime Siem Reap resident, Eddie Smith, as he takes her up in his two-seater mircolight plane.

Join us as Lilly and Eddie take to the skies over Siem Reap in this wonderful little aircraft. Locals call Eddie’s plane a flying moto as he flies over remote villages and the Cambodian countryside.  See Siem Reap and the surrounding landscape like never before – from above.

Lilly’s passion for adventure and excitement make this an enjoyable moment to share with her. Watch as she experiences life for the first time, from the sky.